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BrokerageOverview of all the options

Selling your boat

If you want to sell your boat via a professional broker, Jachtmakelaardij Zuidwest Friesland specialises in this very area.

There’s a big demand for motorboats, and we’d be delighted to act as brokers and take care of selling yours.

Please get in touch with us to make an appointment to discuss all the options and your wishes.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at our beautiful location in Workum.

Why use a broker instead of selling directly?

We know better than anyone how difficult it is when potential buyers just look for faults in your valuable asset so they can beat down the price, and it’s an experience everybody wants to avoid.

In addition, it takes a lot of time to sell a boat. We’re happy to take all these concerns out of your hands, and because we make a realistic valuation of your boat, we’re usually able to convince customers that the price is fair.

We’d be delighted to act as brokers for your boat, for which we charge a commission of 6% excluding VAT of the selling price, subject to a minimum fee of € 3,500 excluding VAT, on the basis of No Cure, No Pay.

What sort of boats are we looking for?

All standard and upmarket motorboats suitable for Friesland and beyond (up to about 20 metres);
• Steel motor yachts
• Polyester motor yachts
• Sloops
• Cabin sloops
• Motor cruisers
• Motor dinghies
• Motorboats with low superstructure and spacious open cockpit
• … Your boat?

What can we offer?

• A private sales marina for vessels up to about 20 metres
• Professional guidance from 2 experienced brokers
• Unique cooperation with Workumer Marina and WJH Jachtservice
• Modern 60-tonne boat lift for quick and easy inspection of the underwater hull
• Valuation of your boat for a realistic selling recommendation
• Professional photos of your boat
• Advertising on many well-known websites, such as YachtFocus, Botentekoop and various international websites
• Trade-in options
• A prime location in Workumer Marina, which guarantees lots of potential customers
• Excellent accessibility by road and water

May we sell your boat?

Jachtmakelaardij Zuidwest Friesland offers yacht owners free valuations of their boats, entirely without obligation.

We have compiled a list with information we need from you to value your boat.
Please fill in your details in the valuation request form, and we will send you a realistic valuation of your boat.

Plan of action

Together, we will draw up an action plan to sell your boat. We list your requirements, and create an overview of the specifications.

We prefer to inspect the boat together with you in order to get a good idea of all its characteristics and properties.

To make sure your vessel can compete better with other boats for sale, we will advise you about possible improvements. The first impression is very important, so make sure your boat is clean and tidy. Preferably, this is something you can do yourself, but we can also handle this for a fee.

Viewings are always personally supervised, unless otherwise agreed.
You don’t have to make any time free for this yourself, as we take care of everything. We also deal with the final negotiations and corresponding agreements, and draw up documents in the desired language.

Usually, a buyer will request a test sail and inspection of your boat. The buyer has to pay the costs of any inspection and lifting of the boat.

We will be present during the test sail and inspection to make sure everything runs smoothly, and arrange a solution if there are any issues.

Once this process has been completed, and the final payment and documents are all in order, the boat will be delivered to its new owner.